Model Homes | Apartment Model Staging

Have A Model Home Or Apartment Model That Needs Staging?

As a professional home staging company in the Metro Atlanta area, we are well-versed in the various buyer and renter demographics within the areas. Each area is different, so merchandising the entire space towards that demographic is critical. We also specialize in mixing off the rack chic with custom pieces in order to create a gorgeous aesthetic that’s not as hard on the budget.

Classic Finishes + Trending Fixtures + Classic Large Furnishings + Custom/Trending Accessories + one WOW Factor piece per room = Timeless look that any buyer or renter will fall in love with and won’t break the bank. 

Give us a call and let us know your demographic, size of the home, luxury standard, and length of display, we have several options that will fit your needs!

A 10% retainer and budget deposit is required upfront to pay for full concept board while the other 90% is due upon full concept board presentation and signing of the agreement

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